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Guangzhou Malt Co., Ltd.



Guangzhou Malting Company Limited (abbr:GMCL) was founded in 1987, put into operation in 1989, it is the first domestic manufacturer specialized in malting. With a registered capital of $59,130,000 Sino-foreign joint venture, GMCL was founded by Super-time Development Company Limited in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China. GMCL is located within the Guangzhou Economic and Technical Development Zone, covers an area of 56,000 m2. 


GMCL’s main businesses are including not only the oversea and domestic sales of malt, but also the processing service of malting barley. From 0.1 –million-ton productive line launched in 1989 to present total 0.3-million-ton lines, GMCL always takes “Quality-first, Service-first, Prestige-first” as the service notion and exert our utmost to supply the best quality to our faithful clients.


2.Production lines

With introducing the most advanced malting philosophy into China, GMCL imported productive facilities and built the first tower-malting line in China. In 2007, the third malting line of GMCL, which applied the new-type ECO steeping technology rotate germination dry facilities into the malting process was successfully finished. The new-built line not only reduces the energy consumption but also improve the quality of malt. Currently, the annual productive capacity has been reached 0.3 million tons, ranking NO.1 in domestic malting industry.


Line 1 was established in 1987



Line 2 was established and started malting in 1996



Line 3 was established and started malting in 2007


In the past developing period, GMCL was achieved honors as below:


The famous enterprise of 21st century in Guangdong province
High-tech enterprise
Foreign-invested enterprise with advanced technology
Outstanding provincial industrial enterprise
The member of ASBC and IOB which are the international authoritative institutions
One of the top 500 best industrial manufacturer
National satisfying product in 2002
The honor title of provincial name brand product in 2003
The company has acquired the certification of “Green Food”, and it is the first malting company that has been issued with “Green Food” certification.
New Hi-tech Enterprise ” in malting industry in 2009
Acquired the certification of “ISO9001 and ISO22000”
Our laboratory is the participating member of the MAPs
We are certificated  as  grade AA enterprise by Chinese customs


4.Enterprise culture

Our Ethical 
    " Honesty and self-discipline, impartiality and justice, efficiently carrying the work”

Management philosophy
   " 'With integrity-based' principle, establish a customer-oriented marketing network"


Core value
    "Quality foremost, Customer foremost"


Wish and vision
    "To create the first-class enterprise for malting manufacture and processing in the world"


5.High technology
1) The first professional malting company in China using German Seeger Saladin malting facilities early in 1987.





 2)Imported the first Seeger tower-malting line from Germany in  1995,firstly adopted tower malting technology and computer software system for malting which was up to the international advanced level.



3) In 2007,GMCL completed building the third malting line and first  introduced the newest  ECO steeping technology with revolving germination & kilning equipments. The new technology not only extremely improves the quality of malt but also saves water resources.

 4) The first maltster who can analyze DMSP and NDMA in malt in China. The first enterprise who applies Nitrogen Chemiluminescence Detector (NCD) in analysis of Nitrosamines in domestic food industry.


6.Development of GMCL

GMCL is specialized in the production of beer malt, and after 28 years of development, the production capacity increased from 60,000 tons to 300,000 tons.


In 2014, the annual production of high-quality beer malt was 308,000 tons, and the total industrial output value was over one billion yuan, which contributed two hundred million yuan on taxes.

7.Development plan in the 13th five years

1)According to Supertime’s arrangement, GMCL should achieve the goals: The supply for high-end customers should account for 50% of the total sales; Sales of the international market should account for 50% of the total sales.

2)In order to meet the high-end customers’ requirement, GMCL has started silos expansion project since August 2013, and the total investment will be about eighty million yuan. The sum of silos will reach 77, which include 16 barley silos, 44 malt silos and 17 dual-use silos. The silos’ quantity and storage capacity are going to double after the project finished. The total storage capacity of barley will reach 58,000 tons, and for malt, 65,000 tons.

3)GMCL plans to invest 400 million yuan to build a new malting production line which specializes in the manufacture of high-quality special malt so as to satisfy the increasing demand of the market and GMCL’s own development. The fourth production line’s capacity is 390 tons per batch, which adopts the most advanced technology of production, energy saving and environmental protection. After the project finished, the total capacity will increase from 300,000 tons to 450,000 tons.

4)Our laboratory has carried out the project to obtain the national laboratory accreditation held by China National Accreditation Service (CNAS), based on ISO17025, so as to improve the level of quality management. We plan to get the certification by the end of 2015.

5)GMCL plans to invest 15 million yuan to improve our technology center. After the project completed, we will become the most advanced technology center in Chinese malting industry.

6)With the development of new products in brewery, we plan to develop market of special malt, such as burnt malt, amber malt and so on, in order to serve the market better.


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